Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Groans and Grumbles

Father God;
What a wonderful message you have brought to me today about the complaints Moses received from his people and how the way we respond to trials in life reflects on our character but more importantly, on our faith in you.
Life gives us trials. Some people seem to have more then others...but then maybe that is just the way it seems because we hear more about their problems...because they are always grumbling.  As per my devotion this morning...
We’re right to groan beneath the burdens of a fallen world, for “all creation has been groaning” right along with us. But we groan in hope, believing that one day all will be made right when Jesus returns to set us free “from sin and suffering” (Romans 8:22-23).
Father God help me to grumble no more.  Help me to remember that groaning is okay, that it is expected that I will find the trials of life difficult and will throw my hands to you in a plea for support.  Just remind me God what you said in James 1 2-4...that I need to find joy in trials for trials bring perseverance and perseverance will bring maturity and wisdom to my life.  I can't grow up, can't grow in you, grow towards you, if I don't have trials to bring me to the point that I admit I can't do it alone.  You know, God, just how hard the trials are at times in this house.  But you also have seen how far we've come and how much we know that you have brought us through them and will continue to do so.
Remind of this God, when I forget, when I struggle...when my groaning turns to grumbles.  Remind me God that you are there and you will take me through it. Use me God, use my trials, my life and the faith I put in you through it to show others what you can do in their life.  If that means I need to have obvious trials in all of my life so be it.  I know I can do it through you and I know that others can learn so much by what you do through me.

Bless all those in my life who are struggling, who do have trials.  May they know the love and support I feel from you.

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