Thursday, November 14, 2013


Father God today you have brought words to me that I needed to hear.  In Nahum we learn of the consequences to the people of Ninevah that Jonah had warned...we learned that they didn't learn their lesson and they were punished for their wicked ways.... and we also learned that the victims of Ninevah were pleased with the consequences that you gave the Ninevites.
It struck me that so often we forget that we need correction in order to live a good order to be rewarded with a good life.  When we do not lose our faith through those corrections then we are rewarded even more.
God I want to be corrected.  I know there are many errors in my ways.  I know that I make mistakes daily and believe that you are encouraging me to repent so that you can reward me.  Open my eyes Lord and help me to see what I am doing that is holding you back.  And help me Lord to share this message with others.
All my love to you Lord Jesus, maker of Heaven and Earth and forgiver of all my many mistakes.

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