Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Who Am I?

Father God today I am pondering just who I am in You and how other see me.  Do they see me as a light leading others to you?   Do they even know I am a born again believer by my actions, my words, the way I live my life?  Do they see me as a hypocrite?
I have a feeling that a great many might think that of me or at least of Geoff and I as a couple and as parents.  And I hate that.  I hate that we let the enemy in so often when we are trying to work out problems, when we are frustrated.
God I just want to be a channel of your peace.  I want to bring others to you by the example I set.  I need you to use me to do this.  I am ready to be your servant, to humbly walk with Jesus and show others how amazing a life with you is.  I need your help God.  I need strength to stay away from the things of the world that tempt me and lead me away from you.  There seem to be so many distractions that I give in to and those take away from the things that need to be done.  I need focus, I need to wear blinders like a horse does to keep me from veering off the path.  But I also need to keep my eyes always open to the needs of others, to the places you want me to serve.
Guide me Lord Jesus.  Bring me closer to you.  Use me to lead others to you...and change me and my ways so that I am a better example of someone who dearly loves you.  Keep my heart pure, my mind clear and my actions honest.  I want to serve, I want to change...I just don't know how.  I humbly come before you today acknowledging that I am not a good servant often and that I have many things that need changing and I ask you to change my heart and my ways Lord.  Make me stronger, less tempted.  I will do anything for you, whatever it is you wish for me.  I want to be bold and show others my love for you but I know there is great work to be done first.
So work me hard for the change Lord.  Push me to be better, stronger, purer.
I love you so much God and I am so very grateful for all you have done in my life and continue to do.  Please forgive me for my blunders, my mistakes...for the words and actions I say and do that are not honouring to you.
I give this day to you God, I give myself to you.
Ever your servant,

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