Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Doubt No More

Heavenly Father;
Today I am filled with doubt.... self doubt.  I feel overwhelmed with what is expected of me and don't think I can possibly get it all done.  I feel like a failure for not being organized, not being able to complete things on time or without tonnes of stress.  My devotion today is about doubt....doubting you and doubting Jesus.
I believe that I don't doubt you in that I don't doubt that you are here, there, everywhere.  I don't doubt that Jesus came to save us.
But I do have doubts....and if I have doubts in anything then I have doubts in you.  You have the strength to get me through this.  You have the power to help me to organize my life better, to complete what needs to be done when it needs to be done.  You can remove this stress from me.  All I need to do is ask right?
Then why don't I ask?  Why do I think I am alone on this?  Why do I think there is no way I'll ever get it together?  I don't know.  I just don't have answers....but again, you do.
I need to learn that every problem is my life is not mine alone.  Every thing I feel overwhelmed with needs to be given up to you.
God I am coming to you, on my knees (figuratively as I can't type from my knees) and asking you to help me.  Remove this cloud of doubt that the enemy has poured over me.  Show me how I can do it. Help me find the time in my day to get all that needs to be done, done.  Show me how to be better organized.  Help me to prioritize. But  most of all God, help me to forgive myself when things don't go as I planned so that I am not caught up in the doubts and convinced things will never change.
God you are ever present in my life.  Help me to see that.  Help me to see that I can come to you with anything and you hand will be on it.
Lord I want to serve you.  I want to be a vessel in which others see you and your amazing grace. Mold me Lord into the woman, the wife, the mother, the child, the friend, the teacher that you wish for me to be.
Open my eyes to all that you have already done...remind me that I am moving ahead, that I have come far.  I thank you for how far you have already taken me.
Bless this day Lord.  Make it full of promise and confidence, not full of doubt.
Be with me today Lord and be with all who I love.

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