Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Today's devotion spoke about those in church leadership positions who do things to cause those in the church to doubt them and to lose respect for them.  In the end it asked ' How is God calling you to walk in a greater measure of responsibility and holiness as a leader? ' and I had no idea how to answer this.

Ever loving Father;
I am so blessed to have been forgiven by you for the mistakes I make.  Humans seem to be able to so easily judge the mistakes of others but not you.  You pick us up, dust us off and set us right again.  Today I am being asked to think about the errors of those in church leadership and from there to thing of how you are calling me to be more responsible as a leader at LEMC....And I am clueless.  I have no idea what You are calling me to do at church, no idea what leadership I am to be taking let alone how to be more responsible in it.
God I know you brought me to LEMC for a reason and so many great things have happened to me while there.  I am sure I am likely already doing some sort of leadership there, some type of important job but most days I just feel like I don't know what I should do there, what job is mine.  Help me to have my eyes open to the jobs I am already doing so that I may feel like I am fulfilling your desires for me there better and guide me Father to greater roles, greater responsibilities there.  Help me to stand up, stand strong, lead by example.  Make a channel for you God.  I am your servant and I want to serve.  I just need to know where and I need to courage to step out of comfort zones and step up to more of a leadership role.
God, I want, more then anything, to be used by you.  I want to be a light for others, a witness of your greatness, of your Grace.  Help me to drop the veil I hide behind and shine brightly for you.
Today Lord, please bless all those who are in leadership in our church and help me to feel more comfortable talking to them about my spiritual journey and seeking their guidance in what I can do to be more of a leader.  Keep us all safe from the attacks of the enemy.
I love you Father and am your ever faithful servant...I just need lots of guidance to get the serving you in the right perspective.
Thanks God for another day to be in You.

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