Thursday, October 24, 2013

Getting Lost in the Wonder of God

Good Morning Heavenly Father;
Thank you so much for this day, for one more day to serve you. Each day is a blessing and each day is one more I can spend loving you, serving you, being with you.  Sometimes it gets very easy to forget to start my day this way.  Sometimes it's hard to remember that each day is a gift.  It gets easy to ask you for things, for help, for encouragement.  It's not a bad thing to ask but the problem I have is that I ask a lot but don't think about the depth of what I am asking for.  An even bigger problem in how I pray that I have just discovered is that spend so much time looking to change what needs fixing, so much time asking for help etc, that I forget to look at what's already done, to thank you for what you already have made possible.
I have thanked you for making sure we have what we need and in the next breath I ask for a better job (or a job period at times) for Geoff, for better financial security.  It is such an ungrateful thing to do.  God, I thank you for always ensuring we can feed our family, provide what they need, not what they want but what they need.  I praise you for the jobs we have.  I love my work and am challenged by it and though Geoff isn't doing what he wants to be right now I praise you for giving him work and giving him the opportunity to be humbled by this type of work and this type of pay.  I thank you for the life lessons it has provided for both of us.  Many people make do with the low wage he's making and I am humbled to know that...and appreciate what we are learning to live with.  I thank you for the chance this job gives him to explore a different area, a different sector.
I often pray for patience for myself with my kids and husband, for my anger to be kept in check, for the ability to keep things in perspective.  Today I praise you for the growth that has already happened and for the changes you have made in me. I know that I so different then the person I was a year ago.  I thank you for the people you have brought to my life like Janine and Josie that are helping me to find ways to keep my cool, to be organized, to refocus.  I praise you for the ability to admit I wronged, admit I've lost my cool and it's not ok to my kids.  I thank you for teaching me to be humble.
Life is not easy and the trials of life are hard...they seem impossible at time. I know that with you they aren't. I know that those trials are making us stronger and I thank you for bringing them to my life.  I want to serve you, be a light to others and I know that showing how I can keep going through tough times is a testament to my faith in you.  So thank you for them, for the lessons they are for me but even more for how you use me to teach others.
Please help me to remember this today and everyday Lord.

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