Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Faith and Patience

Heavenly Father;
So often it is hard for me to be patient and wait for you to answer my prayers.  So often I think I am getting the answer and jump ahead with what my selfish heart wants, convincing myself it is what you want me to do, only to end making mistakes, making the wrong choice, ending up in more troubles instead of less.
When we have faith in you, when we trust you to bring the change, to answer the prayers, to bring the next stage of our life forward instead of rushing ahead without thinking, without being impatient, we are rewarded.
Help, oh God, to be patient.  Help me to be still and listen.  Help me to pray before I act...not just think before I act.  Help me to be a good servant by giving me the much needed patience that is required to hear your voice and feel your guidance.

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