Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Starting at the Beginning

Father God you created every living thing; every bird, every animal, every plant, every tree, every drop of water, every grain of sand and every human being.  It all begins with you and it all ends with you.  So often we forget to thank you and to honour your for this.  More often though we forget to cherish each day, each breath, each moment.  Life has a way of getting in our way and that is the worst excuse going.  Nothing should stop me from honouring you, nothing should stop me from remembering how I came to be and why I am here.  So often I find myself wandering in prayer.  Why is it so easy for me to wander from you when you have never wandered from me???
Help me God to stay focused and to stay grounded in you.  Help me to never forget the gift that life is, that my life is. I want to be closer to you God but I let so much get in the way.  I am not the servant I want to be, I am not the witness I want to be.  Am I the servant and witness you want me to be?  Change me God if I am not. Keep me focused on you, keep me focused on what it is that you want me to do with my life.  Use me God to better your world, this world that you so freely have given us and we have abused and mistreated it and those in it.  I am your faithful servant and I am trying hard to empty myself of my will so that you can do whatever it is with my life, take me wherever you want me to go.  I need to stop resisting, I need to stop being  a Jonah.  Make your channel God.

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