Thursday, December 5, 2013


Oh Heavenly Father; today I am reminded of all the wondrous surprises you present us with.  How often do we think we can predict what will come next, how often do we just coast along in life, going through the motions and never giving it a second thought until something happens to cause us to sit up and take notice.  To take notice of you!
God I am so sorry for missing the purpose of your surprises at times.  I am so sorry for not being patient to wait for them.  I am even more sorry for the times I have just gone through the motions and not given my life and the blessings it is filled with much thought let alone praised you for it.
It is so encouraging to know that you are a surprising God for the surprises are the ways that you break our cycle, especially when it is a cycle of sin.
I want to be open and welcoming to all the surprises you have for me Lord.  Help me to appreciate my life at all the times of surprise and excitement, in the times of sorrow, sadness, strife, and trials and all the times in between when life might seem just abit stagnant and boring.  Help me to see that each and every part is a gift from you.
I want to be your servant Lord, to serve you in all of these times, to not doubt, to be faithful and sure and to be a witness to your amazing love.  Help me Lord, strengthen me Lord, give me patience.

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